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The Online Clinic is prepared to prescribe medications for skin complaints after an online consultation. If you have previously been diagnosed with a skin complaint in a face to face environment then we can normally give you your regular treatment. If you have not been diagnosed in a face to face environment then we may require a digital photo to be uploaded to help us make a diagnosis online.

How do I get my treatment?

Simply click on the Free Consultation button below and follow the instructions. A member of our medical team will review your medical details and make a diagnosis and offer to prescribe (if appropriate). Consultations are free of charge and we offer next day delivery as standard.

Free Online Assessment Quick and Without Obligation

What sort of things do you treat?

There are a number of skin complaints that can be safely managed online by prescribing appropriate medications. Listed below are some common complaints.


Acne is a very common skin condition. Acne normally affects people from puberty, when the hormone levels in the body undergo a change. For the vast majority of acne sufferers the condition will improve as they get older. Only 1% of men and 5% of women over 25 are affected by acne. Some women are affected by acne as part of their menstrual cycle and it is a common feature of women with polycystic ovary syndrome.

Acne symptoms include: blackheads; whiteheads; papules; pustules and cysts. Changing levels of the testosterone hormone seem to influence the production in sebum in glands near the skin surface. The excess sebum causes the pores to block. Bacteria that live perfectly normally on the skin can then infect the area of the blocked pore, causing the lesions described above.

The good news is that there are effective treatments. We can prescribe topical creams or oral medications, depending on the severity of your condition.

Despite common myths, acne is not caused by a poor diet or bad personal hygiene.


Eczema is an umbrella term for certain skin conditions, the most common of which, is contact dermatitis. Contact dermatitis is characterised by skin that becomes red, inflamed, dry and cracked. The area can also have blisters. The symptoms of contact dermatitis are caused by one of two things: either an irritant coming into contact with the skin or an allergen. The type caused by irritants is thought to constitute 80% of all cases.

The other types of eczema are:

  • Atopic eczema - this tends to run in families and is caused by allergens. The exact cause is unknown.
  • Varicose eczema - this occurs round swollen veins, usually on the legs.
  • Discoid eczema - this is also known as nummular eczema and appears in small round patches. This tends to be a chronic condition that needs careful management.

Eczema can be treated with cream containing an emollient or in more complex cases, corticosteroid creams can be prescribed. If the area is infected then we would prescribe cream with an antibiotic and/or antifungal.


Psoriasis affects around 2% of the UK population. The symptoms of psoriasis are characterised by a red area with flaky skin on the surface. We don't know the ultimate cause of psoriasis but it usually runs in families and is caused by the immune system triggering a chain of events that causes the production of skin to speed up. Skin cells are created and move up to the surface as old skin dies and this process normally takes around 28 days. In cases of psoriasis, the whole formation process takes around 6 days, so the new skin reaching the surface is not fully formed. This causes the area of inflamed skin with flakes on the surface.

Psoriasis will normally go in cycles; it would be very unusual to have symptoms continuously. Most psoriasis sufferers have a trigger. Common triggers are breaking your skin in an accident, smoking, stress and alcohol consumption. Certain medicines can also be triggers.

In most cases, psoriasis will be treated with creams that can be applied directly to the area affected. In more serious cases, oral or injected medication may be appropriate. At The Online Clinic, we will only treat less serious cases and we will prescribe topical medications.

Other Skin Conditions

If you have another skin condition not mentioned above, we may still be able to treat you. Please complete a free online consultation.

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