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Emergency Contraceptive Pills

The Online Clinic can prescribe emergency contraception such as Levonelle and EllaOne following a quick online consultation with a doctor. Your medication will be sent for next day delivery. To get started, click the free consultation button below.

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Who Is Eligible for Emergency Contraception?

So long as the medication is appropriate for you, we will be happy to prescribe. We do not make any judgement about why you might need the treatment. Women should have control over their bodies and it is just our job to make sure that you get appropriate medical advice and not a lecture!

How does Emergency contraception Work?

Emergency contraception is known colloquially as the morning after pill; there are two versions and here is a summary of each:


Levonelle contains a female hormone called levonorgestrel and can be taken up to 72 hours after intercourse has taken place. Levonelle helps to ensure that your ovaries do not produce an egg and if an egg has been produced, it changes the lining of the womb to ensure that an egg cannot attach itself.


EllaOne is a newer emergency contraception than Levonelle and can be taken up to 5 days after intercourse. EllaOne contains ulipristal acetate, which works by blocking receptors onto which progesterone would normally bind. This prevents an egg being released and there is a change in the womb environment to make it less hospitable for any egg that is released, thereby preventing pregnancy.

How do I take the Emergency Pill?

You should take the medication as soon as you receive it but within the timeframe advised. You should note that emergency contraception is more effective the sooner that you take it.

Will the Emergency Pill protect me from pregnancy for the rest of my cycle?

No. You should either abstain from intercourse or use barrier contraception. If you are using the contraceptive pill then you can continue taking this but use barrier contraception until you are sure that you are safe from pregnancy.

Is the Emergency Pill safe?

The emergency contraceptive pill is safe but some people get side effects but these tend to be minor and very few people get any side effects at all. If you take this medication and you experience side effects then you must report this to the prescriber.

Order your pill for next day delivery

If you are close to the boundary when these pills can be used (73 hours or 5 days) then you need to collect your prescription in a pharmacy that is convenient for you to attend. We can send the prescription to almost any pharmacy in the UK to make things as convenient as possible. If this does not apply then we can prescribe for you for next day delivery so long as we have your order before 3.30 pm Monday to Friday. Please note that it will always be our strong recommendation that you collect the prescription in person on the same day as the consultation to avoid any delay.

Free Online Assessment Quick and Without Obligation
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