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Selincro (nalmefene)

Nalmefene is used to help people reduce the amount of alcohol that they drink if they are unable to reduce their consumption on their own.

Can I buy Selincro (nalmefene) online?

The Online Clinic can prescribe this medication following a consultation via our website. You will be assessed by one of our GPs. You will need to complete an alcohol diary, and this is made available to you electronically after your quick online consultation.

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What is Nalmefene?

Nalmefene (also called Selincro) is a medicine used by people who have become alcohol dependent. Too much alcohol is a risk to health. A high level of alcohol consumption for men is over 60 g (that is 7.5 units) of alcohol per day and for women is over 40 g (5 units) of alcohol. Nalmefene helps you to reduce your alcohol consumption and to maintain that reduced level. Nalmefene works by altering the processes in your brain that are involved in your compulsion to continue to drink.

How to use Nalmefene

Your doctor will explain exactly how you should take Nalmefene tablets. One tablet is taken on the days that you foresee yourself drinking alcohol. You should take the tablet between one and two hours before you have an alcoholic drink, and take only one tablet per day. The tablet should be swallowed whole (i.e. not broken or crushed) with a glass of water, either with or without meals. If you forget to take Nalmefene before drinking alcohol, then take it as soon as you remember; if you take too many tablets, contact your prescribing doctor for advice.

Nalmefene should help you to reduce the amount of alcohol that you drink within one month of starting treatment. Keep in regular contact with your prescribing doctor to discuss your progress and treatment. If the medication is prescribed by The Online Clinic, we will be in touch with you regularly about your progress. For additional support, it may also be of help to let your family and friends know that you are reducing your alcohol consumption. It is useful to know that Nalmefene will not stop you from becoming alcohol intoxicated, and that you will not become Nalmefene-dependent.

Who can use Nalmefene?

Nalmefene is for use by adults (18 years or older). Special precautions may be required for those over 65. You should not take Nalmefene if you are allergic to it or to the other ingredients in the tablet. Do not take this medicine if you are taking other medicines containing opioids (e.g. strong painkillers), if you are or recently were opioid dependent, have or recently had opioid or alcohol withdrawal symptoms, or if you have decided not to drink alcohol at all. Nalmefene should also be avoided by those with poor liver or kidney function. Nalmefene should not be taken if you are pregnant or breast feeding, and advice should be sought if you are trying to conceive.

Before taking Nalmefene, tell your doctor about any medical conditions that you have, such as liver or kidney disease, depression, anxiety, or seizures, or if you are going to have surgery or emergency treatment. Your doctor will also want to know all prescription and non-prescription medicines that you are taking or have recently taken. These particularly include opioid-containing medicines, diclofenac, omeprazole, rifampicin, and fluconazole.

We will require you to maintain an alcohol diary for 14 days before we can prescribe. The alcohol diary is in electronic format and we give you access to this facility once we have performed the initial assessment.

Nalmefene side effects

The side effects of Nalmefene are generally mild to moderate, do not last long, and occur at the start of treatment. It may be difficult to determine if the effects are due to the medicine or alcohol withdrawal. Common effects of Nalmefene include nausea, vomiting, reduced appetite, dizziness, headache, insomnia, drowsiness, fatigue, restlessness, muscle spasms, excess sweating, loss of libido, and a rapid heartbeat. Some people report feeling confused or detached from their self, or seeing, hearing or sensing things that are not there.

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Selincro Reviews By Our Patients

  • Overall Rating
    Based on 5 reviews
  • ★★★★★
    Very effective product, but I did not like the side effects of nausea and light-headedness. But it did stop me drinking alcohol, so it did the job
    Anonymous - 07/01/20
  • ★☆☆☆☆
    Within an hour of taking the first pill I had a strong feeling of being 'absent' and a lot of confusion. I started hearing things as I got tired in the evening and my dreams became very weird, anxious and disrupted. I also had an intense erection that lasted all evening and through the night! Next day at work I was dizzy all day, fatigued, anxious and felt generally vacant. Over 24 hours later and I'm still suffering side effects! I'm very tired and feel generally like I'm someone else at the moment, I don't trust myself. The effects of t...
    R. W. - 19/04/23
  • ★★★☆☆
    Unfortunately, Selincro made me feel so bad that I will not be continuing with this treatment. Although the med worked in that it blocked the pleasurable sensation, I also suffered insomnia and agitation. Disappointed it could not help.
    C. S. - 07/07/22
  • ★☆☆☆☆
    Absolutely awful side effects - sleeplessness, nausea, disorientation - tried it twice and couldn't cope with the side effects
    S. P. - 09/11/20
  • ★☆☆☆☆
    the Selincro made me feel so ill after one tablet i am sure that will do the job.
    R. S. - 14/09/21
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