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The Online Clinic is prepared to prescribe the contraceptive pill to women who have already been initiated on this type of contraceptive by their doctor or a family planning clinic. To get your treatment, please click on the Free Consultation button below.

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What is The Pill?

The combined contraceptive pill contains two hormones - an oestrogen and a progestogen. The combination of these two hormones prevents women from ovulating and creates an inhospitable environment for both sperm and an egg. Secretions around the cervix increase, making it difficult for sperm to get through and the lining of the womb becomes thicker making it less receptive to an egg should one be produced.

The pill is not the same as the mini-pill, which contains only a progestogen. Many women take the mini-pill as it has fewer side effects than the combined pill but it is also less effective. Unlike the combined pill, you cannot have a break for your period and it will not stop the period for happening.

Which Pill will you prescribe?

The Online Clinic will prescribe the same pill that you have been taking before so long as you have not developed any risk factors. Here is a list of the medications that we prescribe on a three month cycle:

BiNovum Brevinor Cerazette
Cilest Co-Cyprindiol Dianette
Femodene Femodene ED Femodette
Femulen Loestrin 20 Loestrin 30
Logynon LogynonED Marvelon
Mercilon Microgynon Microgynon ED
Micronor Norgeston Noriday
Norimim Norinyl- 1 Ovranette
Ovysmen Qlaira Synphase
Triadene Trinordiol TriNovum

You should not request an online prescription for a contraceptive pill if you have not been prescribed it in a face to face environment as you should have a proper risk assessment performed. If we do prescribe this medication for you, we will require you to complete some follow up information every three months so that we can make sure that you have not developed any risk factors. We will require your blood pressure measurements as part of this follow up.

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