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About Our Pricing Policy

The Online Clinic operates a competitive pricing policy and regularly checks the prices of other UK-based operators. We do not claim to be the cheapest source of medication on the internet - there are plenty of illegal websites that sell counterfeit products at ridiculously low prices. What we do promise however is that if you see the price of any of our products cheaper through a regulated healthcare provider in the UK and offering an identical service (consultation, private prescription, genuine products and next day delivery as standard) then we will match their price without any argument.

Private Prescription Price

Our minimum price for a private prescription is £29.95. The price includes the consultation with a doctor, the private prescription and any medication. Price clearly depends on the product, dosage and quantity. We will always price match UK based competitors offering an identical online service, so long as they have the same regulatory credentials.

If you are using our same day collection service from a local pharmacy, the fee does not include the dispensing fee. All pharmacies set their own private prescription dispensing tariffs and you will be responsible for paying your local pharmacy for this service. For most medications available for same day collection, the dispensing fee is in the £5.00 - £15.00 range.

How to Access Prices

The registration process with The Online Clinic takes only a few minutes and you will be given a full price list of all the medications for which you have been approved. If you were looking for a particular medication and it is not listed, please get in touch with us and we will explain why we believed that this medication was not appropriate for you. In some cases we are prepared to review the consultation again but we will never prescribe a medication which is unsuitable for you, even if it is the only one that you are prepared to purchase. With The Online Clinic, patient safety will always be paramount.

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What our Prices Include

The prices that you see when you register are all encompassing we will never add on any extras. Specifically, we include the cost of issuing a prescription from a registered doctor, its transmission to our associated pharmacy, the cost of dispensing the medication, the medication itself, packing the medication in discreet and damage proof packaging and sending the medication direct to you by overnight courier. The courier fee element depends on the service selected. With Same Day Collection, the fee does not include the medication price at the local pharmacy.

How we Compare with Others

The Online Clinic trades on its reputation for providing a high level of customer service at a reasonable price. It is not our aim to be the cheapest supplier of medications online - there are plenty of unscrupulous purveyors of counterfeit products of dubious quality. It is our aim to be the best clinic in our area of the marketplace. At the same time, we want patients to feel that they are getting a good deal, so if you see your medication cheaper through another website that is appropriately licensed (Care Quality Commission and General Pharmaceutical Council) then we will beat their price so long as the service that they are providing is comparable. The price match policy is not retrospective.

The Online Clinic also offers discounts on repeat prescriptions.


Free Online Assessment Quick and Without Obligation
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