Qlaira is a combined oral contraceptive (‘the Pill’) comprised of female sex hormones. Qlaira contains the oestrogen estradiol valerate, which is metabolised to oestradiol (a hormone that occurs naturally in the human body) and the progestogen dienogest.

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How does Qlaira work?

To prevent you from becoming pregnant, Qlaira persuades your body that an egg has been released from an ovary (ovulation), thus preventing release of further eggs. It also changes the quality of the womb lining so any fertilised egg is less likely to implant there. Qlaira also increases the thickness of the secretions at the neck of the womb, making it more challenging for sperm to travel from the vagina into the uterus and reach an egg.

How do I take Qlaira?

The tablets must be administered exactly as specified on the pack, starting with tablet number one. Qlaira should be started on the first day of your period. One pill must be taken at the same time every day for 28 days. A withdrawal bleed (similar to a period) usually starts when you are taking the second dark red tablet or the white tablets. The day after taking all 28 pills, start the following pack without a gap. As long as the pills are taken as directed and the packs are started on time, you are protected against pregnancy.

What happens if I miss a pill?

If you miss taking Qlaira then you must follow the instructions inside the pack. The instructions are a bit more complicated for a Qlaira than other combined oral contraceptives as it is quadriphasic (there a four different types of active tablets). If you do miss a pill and you do not understand the instructions, you can always consult us if we have prescribed for you.

How effective is Qlaira?

Similar to combination oral contraceptives in general, Qlaira is 99% effective in preventing pregnancy if used correctly.

Bleeding while on Qlaira

Qlaira controls when you will have your period, which will usually start on day 26 or 27. Some women also experience unexpected bleeding in the first few months of taking Qlaira. Contact your doctor if any unexpected bleeding persists.

What are the side effects?

All medicines can cause side effects but you may not experience them. The most common side effects associated with Qlaira include headache, abdominal pain, nausea, tender and swollen breasts, weight gain, and acne. Less common are menstrual irregularities, hot flushes, reduced libido, depression or mood changes, high blood pressure, and fungal infections. You should contact your doctor if you experience side effects and they are severe as you may be better suited to an alternative contraceptive.

Free Online Assessment Quick and Without Obligation
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