Rectogesic is a rectal ointment that is used to relieve the pain of chronic anal fissures. Anal fissures are tears in the delicate lining of the rectum (the canal leading to your anus). They are frequently the result of constipation and passing stools that are hard, but may also be caused by the tightening of the muscles surrounding the anus. Anal fissures may heal by themselves over a few weeks; those that do not heal become chronic (ongoing) and need treatment.

Can I buy Rectogesic online?

The Online Clinic can prescribe Rectogesic for next day delivery. Just answer a short medical questionnaire and you will be allowed to make a purchase following approval by a doctor as Rectogesic is a prescription medication.

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What is Rectogesic?

Rectogesic contains the active ingredient glyceryl trinitrate, which is classified as an organic nitrate. Rectogesic relieves the pain of chronic anal fissures and facilitates healing of the tear. It is a topical medicine, applied to the anal canal. It acts by releasing nitric oxide, a chemical occurring naturally in the body, which opens the blood vessels and relaxes muscles surrounding the anus. This lowers the pressure on the anus and increases the blood flow to the anus, which reduces the pain and promotes its healing.

How to use Rectogesic

Rectogesic is an ointment that is administered inside of the anus. Wash your hands before and after dose administration. Your doctor will explain what you should do to administer a dose. After covering your finger with a finger cot or cling film, squeeze a 2.5 cm length of ointment onto your finger. Then, carefully insert your finger with ointment into the anal canal. Your doctor will also explain how often and how long you should use the ointment. Usually, this is every 12 hours for 8 weeks or until the pain has gone. Seek medical attention if you use too much or if the treatment does not work, but do not worry if you miss a dose (just use the ointment at the next scheduled time).

Who can use Rectogesic?

Rectogesic is for adults (18 years or older), but pregnant and breastfeeding women should not use Rectogesic. You should not use Rectogesic if you have an allergy to glyceryl trinitrate or to any other of its constituents (it contains lanolin and propylene glycol that can cause skin reactions), or if you have low blood pressure, heart or vascular problems, bleeding in the brain (stroke), circulation problems in the brain, closed angle glaucoma, anaemia, or suffer recurrent headaches or migraines.

Notify your doctor if you have kidney or liver disease, or if you start to have severe headaches, have piles, or more bleeding than usual from the anus. It is advisable to mention all of your medications, particularly heparin, tranquilisers, and treatments for heart conditions, blood pressure, erectile dysfunction, and depression. Other medicines may increase or decrease the effect of Rectogesic and vice versa. It is advisable not to drink alcohol or the effect of Rectogesic may be increased.

Rectogesic side effects

Many people report headaches when using Rectogesic; if they become severe, let your doctor know. Others become dizzy or light-headed, feel tired, nauseous, or faint when they stand, and have blurred vision. Infrequently, vomiting, diarrhoea, anal/rectal problems (e.g. discomfort, bleeding, itching, and burning), rapid heart beat, and chest pain occur. If you think you have an allergic reaction (including face and mouth swelling and breathing problems), or you are worried about any effect of the ointment, stop using it, wipe off as much as you can, and contact your doctor quickly.

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    This ointment really provide a lot of relief from the discomfort I was experiencing
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