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Differin is used to treat patients who have mild-to-moderate acne with whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples on the face, chest or back.

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Differin can be prescribed online for patients with mild to moderate acne. Simply complete a consultation form on the website and a doctor will review your case free of charge.

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What is Differin?

Differin is prepared with the active ingredient adapalene. Adapalene is a topical form of retinoid (vitamin A) possessing anti-inflammatory properties. It can therefore reduce the redness, soreness, and irritation of this condition.

How to use Differin

Differin is a cream or gel preparation for use on the skin only. It is usually used at night before bedtime. The length of the treatment period will depend on how long it takes for your acne to improve, but you should see your doctor for an assessment at three months.

The affected skin area is washed clean with water and dried before using this medicine. Using your fingertips, a thin layer is then applied to this area of skin and carefully rubbed in. Wash your hands after doing this. You must not use the medicine near your eyes, or on your lips, nasal passages or other mucous membranes; wash these areas immediately if you do accidently get cream or gel on them. Also, avoid skin cuts and abrasions, and patches of eczema. Protect the treated skin area from sunlight by using protective clothing and sunscreens, and avoid direct exposure to the sun and artificial ultraviolet light such as from sunlamps.

You will not hasten the disappearance of your acne by using more cream or gel than is directed, but you may cause skin redness, irritation, peeling, and discomfort. If you happen to swallow the medicine, tell your doctor. Sometimes you may forget to apply the treatment; apply your next dose as scheduled and as usual, but do not apply twice as much.

Who can use Differin?

Anyone 12 years and older can use Differin. Women should seek advice about pregnancy and their plans for pregnancy before using Differin. Do not use Differin if you are pregnant and stop the treatment if you become pregnant. Differin can be used when breast feeding but, to prevent exposure to the baby, not on the breasts.

People who are allergic to retinoids should not use Differin. Stop using the medicine if the affected area of skin becomes sensitive and itchy, and contact your doctor. You may have to reduce its frequency of use or stop using it altogether.

Always tell your doctor about all your medicines, including those you have recently taken and those that you are considering taking. Other topical treatments for acne can be used while using Differin. These include erythromycin-, clindamycin- or benzoyl peroxide-based products, but they must be used in the morning (Differin is used at night) to avoid irritation. However, it is recommended that you do not use other retinoid-based products. Cosmetics can also be used with Differin, but avoid those that can result in blackheads, and those that have a drying effect, such as peeling agents and astringents as they can increase any irritant effects.

Differin Side Effects

Differin may cause side effects at the treated skin site, but has minimal effect on the tissues inside your body. Most commonly, people experience dry, itchy, or red skin, or a skin burning sensation. A few people have skin discomfort, peeling skin, sunburn, contact dermatitis, or a flare up of their acne. Allergic contact dermatitis, painful or swollen skin, and red, itchy, swollen or irritation of the eyelids have been reported.

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