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by Robert MacKay, Friday, 27 July 2012 | Categories: Mens Health

The quest for a trustworthy male contraceptive continues but despite some innovative ideas and some ground-breaking medical discoveries, have we really come any closer to finding something that really will work?

The latest in a long list of potential male contraceptives is the testosterone injection. The testosterone is administered via injection into the buttocks and needs to be injected on a monthly basis. When the body detects too much testosterone in the system then it stops the production of sperm. A two year trial was carried out in China and 1,000 men participated. It was reported that 95% of pregnancies were prevented but it this good enough?  The female contraceptive pill is 99% effective at pregnancy prevention and that 4% risk is probably not worth taking – especially when it involves a monthly intramuscular injection.

It says it all really that one third of the participants dropped out before the trial had even been completed and this was seemingly down to the hassle of having to have an injection every month. Furthermore, some of the men were anxious over known potential side effects such as changes to mood, a decrease in sex drives and skin problems like acne. This injection might be more hassle than it’s worth especially considering its mere 95% prevention rate.

Other pills being developed and researched presently include a paralysing pill which temporarily paralyses certain muscles of the reproductive system in males and results in a dry ejaculation where no fluid is released. In addition, ultrasound blasts that could offer up to 6 months of sperm free testes and as discussed in a recent blog, scientists are still working on the gene, Katnal1, which could potentially help them to create the first ever non-hormonal male contraceptive.

Then there is the 10 year contraceptive which blocks the vas deferens with a coating of gel which breaks the membranes of sperm cells rendering them unable to fertilise an egg but just how safe and effective these contraceptives will prove to be when the time comes remains to be seen. The study in China has definitely not got us excited about the male contraceptive but we’ll keep this blog updated regularly in the event of a ground-breaking development.

It is an observed phenomenon that people tend to put on weight when they get old. This is normally related to a change in the production of hormones by the body. In men, testosterone levels reduce with age and the reduction in testosterone is associated with a gain in weight. Obese men quite often have low levels of testosterone.

We have seen a study that has been trumpeted in the medical press about injecting obese men with slow release testosterone, with a gradual reduction in weight and fatty mass being observed. These results do not particularly surprise us but it is the only long term study that we have seen. The patients were treated over a 5 year period and the average weight loss over that period was 13%.

The form of testosterone that was injected was testosterone undecanoate – this is available in the EU but we do not prescribe it as it really should be done in a face to face environment. We would also recommend that an androgen profile is done before this medication is prescribed.

by Robert MacKay, Monday, 28 May 2012 | Categories: Mens Health

There has been talk over the years about the possible production of the male contraceptive pill but recent studies show that we are getting closer to a discovery. Since the identification of a specific gene that stymies the late development of sperm in the testes, researchers have been excited about the first ever non-hormonal contraceptive treatment for men.

The gene has been identified as Katnal1 and where the gene’s function is disrupted, the sperm that await fertilisation in the testes are not released. The drug does not hinder sperm development in the early stages of development, meaning that the effects of the drug on sperm production can be reversed when the medication dosing is ceased.

Overall, this is an exciting development for men, women and for sexual health. Halving the responsibility in this way in terms of birth control will be a major development regarding contraceptive use. The gene has been identified and now a way to target the gene in human beings needs to be researched in order to progress with the development of a non-hormonal male contraceptive pill.

by Robert MacKay, Wednesday, 16 May 2012 | Categories: Mens Health | Womens Health

The Online Clinic are now prescribing treatment for Thrush, a fungal or yeast infection that both men and women can suffer from and can recur.  We are happy to treat those who have been diagnosed with the infection before and are familiar with the symptoms when they recur.

We now prescribe Fluconazole and it can be purchased online after a medical consultation has been filled out and a patient has been approved for treatment. Fluconazole is an oral treatment in the form of a capsule. Only one capsule is required to treat the infection. Symptoms will disappear within a period of 10 days. We are also prescribing Gyno-Daktarin cream and pessaries for women.

All of our treatments are available for next day delivery once orders are placed between Monday to Friday and before 4pm.

You can get your thrush treatment by clicking here.

The NHS information website is gushing over the health benefits of love and sex and there is no better day of the year to indulge than on Valentine’s Day. According to the experts, the act of hugging will lower blood pressure and this is according to an experiment which was carried out in order to gauge the effects of hugging on stress. Couples who held one another’s hands and then hugged for 20 seconds were physically better able to handle stressful situations experienced after the periods of hugging.

Love is definitely in the air this Valentine’s Day, with sales of Viagra, Cialis and Levitra up around 86% over the last few days.

During sexual activity, the heart gets a work out too and the heart rate reaches its peak during an orgasm. We are not suggesting that this light exercise replace the 150 minutes of exercise that are recommended we partake of on a weekly basis. Furthermore, this energetic activity also boosts the immune system and some studies suggest that there is a strong correlation between how often you engage in sexual activity and the strength of your immune system.

Men who feel secure in love and are in a loving relationship have less risk of developing angina and ulcers. The NHS suggests this Valentine’s Day that we put the theory into practice. People certainly seem to be taking this to heart as our prescriptions for Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are up around 86% over the last few days as men prepare for a romantic evening.

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