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A new study has found that men having sexual dysfunction upon surgery for prostate cancer are mostly surprised to find out that their surgery had led to those problems.

The men of this study had gone to a sexual wellbeing centre due to issues they were facing upon removal of a carcinogenic prostate organ. Specialists who tested them about the sexual capacity data they had gotten found in a preoperative manner that these men had "to a great extent, doubtful desires" regarding their sexual wellbeing upon the surgery, as whether they'd have the capacity to accomplish erections.

"I believe this information is a percentage of the very first who reported what we find in the centre," stated Dr. Joshua Meeks, who is a urologist partnered with Chicago’s Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.

Men having prostate growth have a few treatment alternatives, which incorporate dynamic reconnaissance, radiation and uprooting the organ inside and out. All have potential symptoms, as indicated by senior study creator Dr. John P. Mullhall plus associates at New York City’s Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

As per the reports of BJU International, the associates of Mullhall and Mullhall himself studied 336 men having sexual dysfunction approximately three months after an operation for prostate removal referred to as the radical prostatectomy. Around 66% of the gathering had conventional open surgery; whereas the rest had automated assisted surgery.

The normal age was 64. A large portion of the men - around 88% of open surgery while 91% of automated surgery patients - stated they'd possessed the capacity to engage in sexual relations before surgery.

However, just 38% knew whether they had gone through nerve saving surgery, which assists in jamming sexual capacity. Also, just 50% of the patients understood the surgery might take away their capacity to ejaculate.

Fewer than 10 percent of the men knew that the length of their penis may diminish after surgery.

Few of the men in either gathering knew about the potential of further changes in their orgasms and torment or incontinence amid orgasms.

What’s more, the study did not break down the data patients got from their specialists prior to the surgery, so the analysts can't recognize what the patients were told plus what the patients recalled.

Still, the outcomes demonstrate that a few men might not hold data from their specialist about the dangers of prostate removal, stated Meeks, who wasn’t included with this new study.

"I believe it truly highlights why it's critical to have their life partner there, in light of the fact that I believe having one more set of ears is inconceivably useful," he suggested.

Dr. Daniel Shoskes is a urologist at the Cleveland Clinic. He additionally wasn't included in the study, but he told us that the results seem to fit with what his own group has known for quite a while.

Truth be told, the Cleveland Clinic has begun a half-day class for men experiencing prostate removal to teach them about the surgery and restoration. The trust, said Shoskes, is that the classes will "affect tolerant maintenance and fulfilment with the surgery."

Shoskes, who likewise was not included with the new research, included, "It is human and typical to overlook what has been advised to you. Sometimes, the specialist needs to improve work" conveying the data.

The lead author of the study did not react to a solicitation for input. In their paper, be that as it may, the study group likewise accentuates the need to better get ready the men for these operations. The discoveries of the study, they compose, "ought to give us motivation to consider our way to deal with the instruction of the patient before radical prostatectomy."

Patients "are not recollecting or welcoming the data the way that it is proposed" and attempt the operation with mixed up assumptions in regards to their sexual wellbeing, they include.

by Robert MacKay, Tuesday, June 16, 2015 | Categories: Erectile Dysfunction

We are pleased to report that Pfizer's Caverject Dual Chamber is back in stock and available for immediate dispensing.

This erectile dysfunction product has been out of stock because of production difficulties for some time. We have been able to prescribe alternatives but many patients find the dual chamber product much easier to use than some of the competitor products available.

If you are already registered with The Online Clinic then you can login to your account at the top of the page and request this product. If you have not used The Online Clinic before then please register using the button below.

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by Robert MacKay, Monday, June 16, 2014 | Categories: Erectile Dysfunction

The Online Clinic is pleased to announce that we have Vitaros Cream in stock and available for immediate dispensing. Vitaros is a cream containing Alprostadil that is applied direct to the penis from an AccuDose container.  The AccuDose container is specifically designed for the application of this product and comprises a plunger, barrel and protective cap. Typically, men will achieve an erection within 5 – 30 minutes following application of the cream. The duration of effectiveness is 1 to 2 hours.

Vitaros is not suitable for everyone with erectile dysfunction. If you complete a consultation form then one of the medical team will be able to assess you for this product along with everything else that we are able to prescribe for erectile dysfunction. Vitaros will not be suitable for some patients who have certain medical conditions so it is important that you answer all of our questions honestly. If you are already registered with The Online Clinic then you can login to your account and request that Vitaros be added to you list of options.

Please note that barrier contraception is recommended if users of Vitaros are having vaginal sex with women of child-bearing age. Barrier protection is also recommended during anal or oral sex as the effect of Vitaros on the anal and oral mucosa is not known.

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by Robert MacKay, Wednesday, April 9, 2014 | Categories: Erectile Dysfunction

The new treatment for erectile dysfunction has finally arrived. Spedra (also known as Avanafil) is a second generation PDE5 inhibitor. Spedra works in the same way as Viagra and Cialis but it gets to work much quicker than its more established competitors. Some patients in clinical trials have reported that the medication has been effective within 10 – 12 minutes of oral administration. The official recommendation is that it needs to be taken 30 minutes before sexual activity as this is the maximum time that it was noticed to take effect.

Although Spedra is an effective medication, it should be pointed out that the success rate is lower than those of all of Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. Having said that, the success rate was still reasonably high at just under 60%. It was noted that Spedra has fewer side effects than its competitors as it is a highly selective PDE5 inhibitor. The pricing of this product is a bit more competitive as well – as you would expect for a late entrant to a pretty mature market. We are happy to prescribe this for patients who wish to try this treatment but we recommend a small prescription to start off with to make sure that it is going to be effective on an individual basis. The recommended starting dose is 100 mg.

If you are already registered with The Online Clinic for erectile dysfunction then please login to your account and update your medical record; you will be considered for Spedra automatically. If you are new to The Online Clinic, you can complete a quick online consultation by clicking on the button below.

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by Robert MacKay, Tuesday, February 18, 2014 | Categories: Erectile Dysfunction

You may be aware that there has been an ongoing manufacturing issue with Caverject, a treatment for erectile dysfunction. This has been very bad news for a number of men, as Caverject was the only medication that worked for them.  Caverject is an injection directly into the penis so it is really only suitable for men who do not respond to other medications to treat erectile dysfunction.

There is an alternative to Caverject called Invicorp that is not yet licensed in the UK. The product is licensed in Denmark and we have managed to secure a reliable supply. This product is now available through The Online Clinic for next day delivery.

Invicorp has a success rate comparable to Caverject and most men who have used the treatment say that there is no pain on injection. There are very few contraindications. You can read more about Invicorp here.

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