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by Robert MacKay, Tuesday, 04 September 2012 | Categories: Xenical

Roche has announced that the supply of their weight loss treatment, Xenical, has resumed and UK wholesalers have already started to receive supplies. The Online Clinic already has a limited supply and we expect more stock to flow into the pharmacy in the next few weeks.

We are now starting to take new orders, so if you are already approved for Xenical or Orlistat this should be showing in your account. Any new patients registering will automatically be considered for Xenical. We are anticipating that Xenical supplies at the pharmacy will remain tight for the next few weeks so we cannot guarantee next day delivery on all orders but stock is now moving through the system, which means that nobody will have to wait too long for an order to be dispensed.

Update - supplies of Xenical and Teva Orlistat now appear to be back to normal. We have not had any instances where we have not been able to do same dispensing despite much higher volumes than normal. To start the process of getting Xenical (orlistat), please click here.

by Robert MacKay, Friday, 17 August 2012 | Categories: Xenical

We are still getting a lot of e-mails and telephone calls about Xenical. The latest situation according to the Roche representative that we spoke to is that they are again producing this medication and they have been given permission to import it into the UK again. Production will take a while but they expect to be able to supply us in September. A further update is going to be given at the end of August with a target date for supply. We have so many patients desperate to get back on Xenical after the enforced break of a few months. We really are almost there this time by the looks of things. All relevant patients will be e-mailed as soon as stock arrives.

by Robert MacKay, Wednesday, 25 July 2012 | Categories: Xenical

Having been told that we would get a delivery of Orlistat by mid-July, we are now told that September is likely to be the next delivery date for generic Orlistat from Teva. However, Roche (the manufacturer of Xenical) has a meeting scheduled with the European Medicines Agency and we are anticipating a positive outcome based on the news that Xenical stocks are flowing again in the US. Roche will need permission to get Xenical into the EU after its manufacturing problems, which now seem to be behind it. We anticipate a positive press release from Roche next week and then Xenical to start flowing again in August.

We are slightly surprised that Teva has not been able to get more stock into the UK and firmly establish its position with its licensed generic alternative to the branded version of Orlistat. This was a prime opportunity for Teva but at least we all know that the licensed generic version exists.

by Robert MacKay, Wednesday, 27 June 2012 | Categories: Xenical

A further update on the situation with Orlistat; we have spoken to one of the manufacturers (Teva) and they have assured us that they will be able to supply us in mid-July. There has been an issue with the supply of medicines containing Orlistat since February as Roche (the maker of Xenical) ran into production problems at one of its manufacturing sites in the US.

The resumption of supply will come as a relief to many patients who have had their weight loss regime interrupted. It looks like Teva is riding to the rescue and we now expect many more prescriptions being written for generic Orlistat now that we are all aware of this alternative. The serious interruption of supply has really damaged the reputation of Roche and sales of brand Xenical may not recover.

Any patients already registered with us will get a notification e-mail when stocks arrive in the pharmacy.

by Robert MacKay, Tuesday, 22 May 2012 | Categories: Xenical

The shortage of Xenical (orlistat) in the UK continues although we have heard it on the pharmaceutical supply grapevine that we can expect to receive some stock in June. It is our understanding that the supply will be very limited and will be nowhere near sufficient to satisfy all outstanding prescriptions in the UK. We will update the blog when we have further information.

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