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It is an observed phenomenon that people tend to put on weight when they get old. This is normally related to a change in the production of hormones by the body. In men, testosterone levels reduce with age and the reduction in testosterone is associated with a gain in weight. Obese men quite often have low levels of testosterone.

We have seen a study that has been trumpeted in the medical press about injecting obese men with slow release testosterone, with a gradual reduction in weight and fatty mass being observed. These results do not particularly surprise us but it is the only long term study that we have seen. The patients were treated over a 5 year period and the average weight loss over that period was 13%.

The form of testosterone that was injected was testosterone undecanoate – this is available in the EU but we do not prescribe it as it really should be done in a face to face environment. We would also recommend that an androgen profile is done before this medication is prescribed.

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