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by Alicia Ni Ghrianne, Saturday, November 1, 2014 | Categories: Female Sexual Dysfunction

S1 Biopharma are at it again and about to begin phase 2b trials for their latest offering, a combination of two drugs that are already approved for the treatment of depression, now to be used together as a combined therapy for the treatment of female sexual dysfunction (FSD). Are depression and FSD so inextricably linked and in all cases? How will these antidepressants work for everyone, even women who don’t suffer from depression? Furthermore, much of what I have heard about antidepressants across the board is that they lower libido, so how with this combination work to improve FSD in general?

The two drugs being used in combination are bupropion and trazodone. Since these drugs already have approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), this new combined therapy might be able to gain approval via the fast track route of a New Drug Application (NDA). This is exciting news for the market and for FSD sufferers alike.

Both drugs are exceptions to the rule among the array of anti-depressants that are known to have an effect on libido. In fact, bupropion is proven to increase libido to the levels they were at before depression hit. Trazodone has been shown in a study to increase erectile function in men and lubrication in women when tested as a treatment for sexual dysfunction rather than a treatment for depression. This also explains why one does not have to have depression related FSD in order to gain from this type of treatment.

We know that depression and libido are linked in that a decreased libido is usually associated with this condition. Treating one of these problems often alleviates symptoms of the other. But, FSD is also caused by chronic illnesses, hormone imbalances and deficiencies, abuse of narcotics and alcohol, and is sometimes caused by the use of certain medications, outside of anti-depressants. Studies of both these drugs now show that outside of depression, they might help FSD sufferers overcome their sexual dysfunction and improve the quality of their lives and relationships. 

The medication, to be named Lorexys, can be read about further right here.

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