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by Robert MacKay, Saturday, October 5, 2013 | Categories: Malaria Treatments | Travel Clinic

There was a recent announcement from Public Health England regarding the number of malaria deaths in London in the last 4 years. The malaria was not acquired in the UK – so don’t start to worry! The people who died contracted the disease in sub-Saharan Africa, with Nigeria accounting for more than half of the infections. The problem stems from people not taking malaria medication when they travel to affected areas. Many people who visit these countries are former residents who wrongly believe that they have immunity. Malaria immunity requires persistent exposure to the disease and clearly this will not be happening if you live in London.

If you are travelling overseas then you can check out the UK Government’s Fit for Travel website for information on the malaria risk and the recommended preventative medication. You cannot get malaria medication on the NHS for foreign trips but your NHS GP will write a private prescription for you.

If you have recently returned from a region affected by malaria and you experience headaches and nausea then you should seek medical assistance.

If you are travelling to a part of the world affected by malaria then The Online Clinic can prescribe medication for you for next day delivery.

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