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by Robert MacKay, Wednesday, August 28, 2013 | Categories: Weight Loss

We have just become aware of a new weight loss medication that is currently in development. The new molecule is known as Beloranib and works in a unique way so, if approved it would be first in class.  Beloranib works by inhibiting a key enzyme known as methionine aminopeptidase 2 (MetAP2). Through targeting this enzyme, Beloranib can reduce the production of fat and enhance the metabolism of fat. This results in a positive metabolic cascade that enables people to lose weight. The 12 week trial on a small patient group led to an average weight loss of 22 pounds. This weight reduction is significantly in excess of the weight loss produced by either Qsymia or Belviq (both of which are now approved in the US). Reductions in body fat and improved cardiovascular risk factors were also observed. The additional benefit over these other medications was that there was a greater degree of tolerability because it appeared to producing nothing in the way of adverse events.

We really need to emphasise that the results we are reporting are from a phase 1b trial and there were very few participants. We have seen this before with other new molecules that go on to produce serious side effects in later trials. We do not want to be in any way dismissive as we have seen nothing but positive data. It is important to remember that this medication is a long way off being licensed. Our estimate would be another 5 years from now before a licensee is issued and assuming all subsequent trials go well.

The downside for patients may be that Beloranib can only be injected. This is likely to be a subcutaneous injection in the same way that Victoza (Liraglutide) is administered. Unlike Beloranib, Victoza is available to prescribe today and many patients are using it with excellent results. To get a prescription for Victoza, please click on the free consultation button below.

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