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by Marijana Domazet, Wednesday, July 31, 2013 | Categories: Obesity

The list of health risks related to obesity seems to be growing with findings in research. A recent unexpected finding comes from a study suggesting that there is a relationship between obesity and osteoporosis.

The study, which was published in Radiology, included a total of 106 obese men and women between the ages of 19 and 45. All of the participants underwent body scans, provided various tissue samples and completed exercise questionnaires. The key findings indicated that obese individuals had above average amounts of bone marrow fat in areas where they ought to have had bone marrow. As a consequence of this, they were at higher risk of having weaker bones and even developing osteoporosis.

Although past studies have indicated that individuals with osteoporosis have above average levels of bone marrow fat, the current findings appear counter-intuitive, as osteoporosis is a condition that has generally been linked with frail individuals. As such, we have to admit that the findings from the current study were somewhat surprising.

Yet it is hard to ignore what the study found, given that several advanced tests were carried out. If the results were to be replicated in other populations, then it would raise questions about the underlying cause of osteoporosis, and potentially have an impact on how treatments of both osteoporosis and obesity are being conducted. However, this scenario is a long way from what we know today and is only one of several potential scenarios.

The current study can be found here.

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