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by Robert MacKay, Wednesday, July 24, 2013 | Categories: Weight Loss

Most of us are used to hearing about unconventional weight loss plans, from various diets to boot camps and unexpected exercise classes. The most recent health scheme attempting to aid individuals in their weight-loss comes from Dubai, where participants are told they will be receiving one gram of gold for each pound that they shed.

The scheme is called Your Weight in Gold, and the participants have been named the “golden losers”. In order to get the payouts, the participants have to take part in a 30-day scheme that coincides with Ramadan, and lose at least 2 pounds in weight. The three individuals who lose the most weight will be considered as finalists competing to win a cold coin, which is worth $5400.

Although it is an interesting idea, we would still be wary of the methods individuals would use to quickly lose weight that may be harmful. Most people do not become obese in 30 days, so their problem will not be solved in 30 days either. While it is encouraging to see that obesity is addressed as an issue across the globe, we also feel that it should not be trivialised through competitions. Having said that, there is evidence that financial incentives work: Here is a link to a study in the US a few years ago that demonstrates positive results.

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