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by Robert MacKay, Sunday, April 7, 2013 | Categories: Diet Pills

People who are looking to lose weight quite often (and totally understandably) want to explore the easiest option for shedding excess weight and it is not just the obese and overweight who are attracted to the prospect of popping a pill and watching the pounds melt away; gym bunnies are also desperate to get that perfect physique and want to lose the last few pounds that will give them killer abs.

A quick flick through almost any health and beauty magazine will alert you to the large number of competing products, all offering you the perfect body if you shell out for these so-called “fat burners”. It is hardly surprising then that we get a lot of questions from people about these products. The fact is that most of the products that are advertised as fat burners contain nothing more than high doses of caffeine. Some other products contain green tea extract and there is some evidence to suggest that the polyphenols in green tea have moderate thermogenic (metabolic stimulation) properties.

There are other compounds that undoubtedly assist with lipolysis and some of them are produced naturally by the human body, but if introduced in an unnatural way in large quantities, can produce very serious side effects.

Another favourite ingredient of these fat burners is ephedrine. The metabolic effects of ephedrine are well documented but the side effects of taking this product in high dosages and for a sustained period can be very serious indeed, so its use in clinical practice as a weight management tool is not feasible. It is also illegal to sell ephedrine without a pharmacist being present, so apart from any health consideration, anyone selling this product who is not a pharmacist is actually breaking the law.

You also need to be careful about consuming compounds that have not been subjected to exhaustive clinical trials as we just don’t know what sort of impact they are likely to have at particular dosages. There was a tragic case of Claire Squires in the London marathon last year who died after taking a product that contained DMAA, which is actually quite a powerful amphetamine.

There is one really great fat burner that I am more than happy to recommend. The results that you get are amazing. The name? Oh yes: It is called EXERCISE!

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