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by Robert MacKay, Monday, January 7, 2013 | Categories: Asthma

Some interesting research has emerged from a study in The Netherlands that links asthma to venous thromboembolism events such as pulmonary embolisms and deep vein thrombosis. The relationship between pulmonary embolism and asthma was considerably higher than deep vein thrombosis and while there was a positive correlation, it cannot really be deemed to be clinically significant so there is no association.

The association between asthma and pulmonary embolism is significant, being 4 times higher in moderate asthma sufferers and almost 9 times more common in severe asthma sufferers.

It has been suggested by specialists not associated with the study that patients who have a suboptimal response to conventional asthma therapies should be screened for pulmonary coagulation as a matter of course. Patients with prednisone dependent asthma who are immobilised during an attack should be administered with a thromboprophylaxis.

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