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by Robert MacKay, Thursday, October 25, 2012 | Categories: Obesity

One of the most consistent criticisms of the current food labelling systems in the UK has been that there is not a uniform version that can be found in every supermarket regardless of the food supplier. Currently, there are vast differences in terms of color-coding and where the nutritional information can be found. It is therefore to be welcomed that new food labelling system is due to be introduced that will be consistent across all supermarkets.

The new system is to be like a traffic light system, where the amount of a sugar, salt, fat, saturated fat, and calories will be rated as low, medium or high. The hope is to provide consumers with a simple, fast and reliable indicator of the nutritional contents, which will help them choose healthier options. Although the design is yet to be established, it is likely to be in use by next summer.

The importance of a healthy diet is not to be underestimated. Small changes in diet can lead to big changes in outcomes. One of the big challenges we face as doctors dealing with overweight patients is helping them to change their diet to something healthier. It is amazing what people fail to realise about the foods that they consume. Anything that makes life easier for consumers is to be welcomed, especially with UK obesity rates close to the top of the European table.

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