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by Robert MacKay, Wednesday, August 29, 2012 | Categories: Hair loss

We reported back in March that scientists in the US had discovered a crucial role that Prostaglandin D2 has in inhibiting hair growth. A higher level of Prostaglandin D2 normally indicated a degree of thinness of the hair. Some animals with very high levels of this enzyme had no hair at all.

The same scientists are now talking to pharmaceutical companies about developing a medication to treat people with hair loss associated with high levels of Prostaglandin D2. According to news reports, such prostaglandin inhibitors already exist so a medication for hair loss may be just around the corner. We are not sure that it will be this simple. One of the most famous prostaglandin inhibitors is Aspirin. Have you hear of people taking Apsirin and suddenly growing hair? We thought not! We don’t what to dismiss the idea of drug therapy based on prostaglandin inhibition and we are sure that this avenue of research will prove fruitful, but any drug will have to be targeted at a particular receptor and this could take years of research. In the meantime, there is always Propecia or Regaine for men suffering from hair loss.

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