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by Robert MacKay, Friday, July 20, 2012 | Categories: General Health | Smoking

Inactivity (lack of exercise) is supposedly causing around the same number of deaths as smoking does according to a recent Lancet study but this seems an outrageous declaration!

Seemingly, smoking causes the death of 100,000 British every year and a lack of exercise is not far behind as a major cause of death with 90,000 dying as a result. The authors classify death from breast cancer, heart disease, diabetes and bowel cancer as the main fatal illnesses resulting from inactivity although surely there are other factors responsible including the social and genetic?

It is important too to reiterate what was said by a spokesperson for Cancer Research UK in response to the study. They remind us that although smoking and inactivity are said to kill approximately the same number of people, smoking rates are much lower than the number of people who live inactive lives and therefore people are still taking a greater risk smoking than they are being inactive so the study’s results are somewhat sensational.

The UK Faculty of Public Health stress that rather than rave on about the benefits of exercise and healthy lifestyles to inspire the masses, we should really be making clear the message that inactivity is dangerous and could be fatal. This is at least highlighted by the study and with the Olympics only days away there is no better time to embark on newer, healthier behaviour patterns.

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