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Due to the fact that the Olympics are likely to cause a certain amount of disruption in the coming weeks, the emergency contraceptive pill will become widely available and free of charge in London since it could potentially be difficult for women to access sexual health services during this busy period.

The organisation responsible for the supply is a charity known as the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS). Following a phone consultation with a nurse, they will post a kit to you that will contain the morning after pill and a supply of condoms.

The charity stresses that by having the morning after pill ‘just in case’ does not mean that it is predicted that women will take chances but that it is there in case something goes wrong. We do not believe that the emergency contraceptive pill should be used as a retrospective contraceptive. Because of sexual health issues, we advocate condom use in non-exclusive relationships. However, accidents happen and for women who need emergency contraception, we think this is service is a very good idea.

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