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by Robert MacKay, Tuesday, May 8, 2012 | Categories: Weight Loss

For those who have a genetic tendency to be overweight, sleep is now thought to be a preventative measure in the armoury in the battle of the bulge. Getting more than nine hours of sleep each night is said to curtail the genetic force that inclines an individual towards weight gain.

1,088 sets of twins, both identical and non-identical, were observed in order to examine how their genetic predisposition might have influenced their weights and also how much of an effect the environment had on weight.

It was deduced through observation that it was much more likely for those who slept for shorter periods to have a higher BMI and much less likely for those who slept for a longer duration.

Previous studies into sleep have suggested that getting too much sleep can have a deleterious impact on some aspects of our health. The trick is balancing sleep need with sleep actualisation.

There are many reasons why sleep could influence weight, such as how it affects hormones and glucose metabolism. We think it highly unlikely that you can sleep yourself thin but getting a good night of sleep (say 8 hours) is essential for general well-being.

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