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by Robert MacKay, Wednesday, March 14, 2012 | Categories: Smoking

Today is National No Smoking Day and a very good opportunity to remind ourselves of the New Year’s resolutions we made 74 days ago. Congratulations to those who have stuck to their promise to quit and who are probably feeling all the healthier for it too. We know that within 8 hours of quitting, levels of carbon monoxide in the blood return to normal and within 48 hours, nerve endings grow back allowing the return of the sense of smell and of taste. After one year off the cigarettes, these people will have reduced their risk of cardiac arrest by half!

The No Smoking Day charity and the British Heart Foundation also hope to put a stop to young people taking up the habit in the first place and hope that the day will create awareness around this issue. Furthermore, support will be provided for quitters throughout their smoke free next year.

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