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The NHS information website is gushing over the health benefits of love and sex and there is no better day of the year to indulge than on Valentine’s Day. According to the experts, the act of hugging will lower blood pressure and this is according to an experiment which was carried out in order to gauge the effects of hugging on stress. Couples who held one another’s hands and then hugged for 20 seconds were physically better able to handle stressful situations experienced after the periods of hugging.

Love is definitely in the air this Valentine’s Day, with sales of Viagra, Cialis and Levitra up around 86% over the last few days.

During sexual activity, the heart gets a work out too and the heart rate reaches its peak during an orgasm. We are not suggesting that this light exercise replace the 150 minutes of exercise that are recommended we partake of on a weekly basis. Furthermore, this energetic activity also boosts the immune system and some studies suggest that there is a strong correlation between how often you engage in sexual activity and the strength of your immune system.

Men who feel secure in love and are in a loving relationship have less risk of developing angina and ulcers. The NHS suggests this Valentine’s Day that we put the theory into practice. People certainly seem to be taking this to heart as our prescriptions for Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are up around 86% over the last few days as men prepare for a romantic evening.

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