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by Robert MacKay, Tuesday, December 13, 2011 | Categories: Mens Health

There was talk of a Viagra condom not so long ago but now Durex has announced the potential marketing of their own condom that is intended to assist men who have difficulty maintaining an erection while wearing a condom. The patented formula inside the condom is Zanifil gel.

The gel is held at the tip of the condom and is absorbed into the skin rapidly and aids blood flow. The key ingredient, nitroglycerin, has been used for treating chest pain and heart failure for over a century. This nitroglycerin widens blood vessels by relaxing the muscles lining the walls.

The product will not be a treatment for erectile dysfunction but will be used by healthy men to heighten sexual pleasure and can be purchased without prescription.

The drug is manufactured by Futura, a British company and the product so far is known as CSD500 although we can expect a more glamorous name to appear for marketing purposes.

In clinical trials, participants used the condom as they would a regular condom and improvements in erection and penis size were noted. Many women reported that the condom made sexual activity longer lasting.

This project look set to enjoy success and will be geared specifically towards men who find it difficult to maintain an erection while wearing a condom. Additionally, the condom will hopefully mean that more men will wear condoms and perhaps contribute to a decrease in rates of sexually transmitted infections.

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