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by Robert MacKay, Monday, July 11, 2011 | Categories: Sexual Health

At the Swedish Reference Lab, scientists discovered that a new strain of the gonorrhoea infection is resistant to all current antibiotics available for treatment due to its ability to mutate easily and effectively. They warn that this resistant strain has the potential to pose a serious threat internationally but they do not know how widespread this particular strain is as of yet.

Gonorrhoea has in the past been found to be resistant to treatment and it is feared that it will continue to become resistant as there are signs that the bacteria are growing less sensitive to cephalosporins; the current line of treatment for gonorrhoea. Currently, much research is being carried out in the way of new treatment but scientists worry that it is not happening fast enough.

Preventing the infection is now of utmost importance especially considering the latest HPA (Health Protection Agency) report which suggests that gonorrhoea along with chlamydia are still the most common sexually transmitted infections around.

For now, according to the HPA, the cephalosporin antibiotics that we use for the treating of the infection in the UK are still working however, with signs of less sensitivity, but we will need to investigate just how widespread this new resistant strain is.

This sometimes symptomless infection can cause serious long-term health problems in those who delay diagnosis and treatment.

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