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by Robert MacKay, Thursday, November 18, 2010 | Categories: Tesofensine

Neurosearch, a Danish biopharmaceutical company that researches drugs, which act on the central nervous system, had been preparing to commence phase III trials of their obesity drug Tesofensine. Considering the difficulties faced by other drug companies recently in terms of regulation (notably Sibutramine, which works in a similar way) and the cost of phase III trials, Neurosearch will not continue to prepare for trials without a partner.

The safety profile of Tesofensine is relatively similar to other recent obesity drug candidates but the impressive weight loss results meant that the phase III trials were something to get excited about. Until Neurosearch receives the financial backing that they need, Tesofensine will be yet another promising obesity drug that has fallen before it even gets to the last hurdle.

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