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by Robert MacKay, Sunday, September 19, 2010 | Categories: Champix | Smoking

There is a lot of discussion about the electronic cigarette industry at the moment; cartridges of nicotine and some other chemicals with no tobacco that have been marketed as replacements for cigars and cigarettes. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned the companies behind such devices that the products must be regulated and submitted for FDA approval. This has sparked fear of withdrawal of the products among the e- cigarette companies however the FDA is only interested in examining the safety and efficacy of this alternative smoking cessation product.

Upon inhalation, the liquid in the e-cigarette is vaporized by a battery and water vapour creates the illusion of smoke. The FDA seeks regulation of this product as it is a device used to carry a drug into the body and if a product can be labelled as a drug or a drug delivery device, it must be approved. In addition, they want to ensure the manufacturing of these cigarettes is carried out safely.

Five companies have been warned that they have 15 days to respond to the FDA. So far the companies have argued that it is unnecessary to be preapproved since they are replacing tobacco products and so should be treated in the same way that the tobacco products are. They are marketed as both alternatives to cigarettes and an aid to help one stop smoking. The nicotine hit from these cigarettes is 10 times faster than that of Nicorette gum or patches.

Champix on the other hand is a regulated prescription drug with no nicotine and it serves to bind to nicotine receptors, thus decreasing withdrawal symptoms of quitters. E-cigarettes are being marketed with a choice of flavours, which may attract children to use the product. Those who are not addicted to cigarettes could begin a new addiction. In the case of Champix however, it may only be prescribed to those who have a smoking addiction and removes the cravings whereas the e- cigarettes can perpetuate the feelings of addiction. Regulated smoking cessation aids are safer to use and Champix has a proven success rate.

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