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by Robert MacKay, Tuesday, September 7, 2010 | Categories: Obesity

20,000 men and women from the ages of 39 to 79 participated in a study which dismissed the claims that obesity, if genetic, may not be controlled. The researchers discovered that obese patients could work off 40% of their genetic excess fat if they exercised. The Medical Research Council’s Epidemiology Unit stated that living a healthy life with lots of exercise can fight the effects of genetic inheritance.

Among the 20,000 men and women on this cohort study, they looked out for 12 genetic markers, all known for their ability to increase BMI (Body Mass Index) and increase the risk of becoming obese. Each person was scored depending on their genetic predisposition and then questioned about their physical activity. The study proved that even those who have a high risk of developing such problems with their weight due to their genetic make-up, can live healthier lifestyles with exercise and a healthy diet.

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