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by Robert MacKay, Friday, July 30, 2010 | Categories: Acomplia | Diet Pills

An exciting time for Denmark based drug company 7TM Pharma, as they complete the first stage of clinical trials for the as yet unnamed drug molecule, TM38837. Likened to effective weight loss drugs of the past such as Acomplia, the drug will perform similarly but without the side effects once associated with other drugs from the same family.

TM38837 functions as a CB1 receptor blocker. This drug blocks the cannabinoid receptors which are responsible for the feeling of hunger. Such antagonists work directly on the central nervous system and in the past have been criticised for their harmful, psychological effects. Although blocking the same receptors as Acomplia once did, TM38837 does so without crossing the blood-brain barrier to any significant degree and instead concentrates on blocking receptors in the peripheral nervous system. This action is likely to eliminate the psychiatric side effects associated with Acomplia.

Rigorous clinical trials are being carried out and so far the results have been successful and out of 48 healthy adults tested, only 7 experienced mild side effects with a majority responding well. It will be this Autumn before the results of the next stage of clinical trials are available. If the trials are successful, this will finally be a major advancement for weight loss drugs.

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