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by Robert MacKay, Wednesday, April 8, 2009 | Categories: Mens Health

British scientists have developed a topical spray that could help men suffering from premature ejaculation and enable them to prolong their time to climax after penetration. The clinical trials have indicated that the spray may prolong erections from seconds to up to nearly four minutes.

Of the 300 men who took part in the trials, 90% reported that there was a marked improvement in their sexual performance and most graded the product as “excellent”. The man who led the study, Professor Wallace Dinsmore of the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast, is extremely pleased with the results. “The spray improved sexual performance and satisfaction and was well tolerated by both patients and their partners, with no systemic side effects."

The results come from the last stage in the clinical trials, which means that the spray could be on sale within two years. Once that happens, it is likely it will sell extremely well, as it is believed up to 40% of men suffer from this condition.

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