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by James Thomas, Friday, August 31, 2007 | Categories: Erectile Dysfunction

We have been bringing you news about the development of a potential new treatment for erectile dysfunction called Bremelanotide.  Unfortunately, this first in class melanocortin agonist drug will not be progressing to Phase 3 trials at the current time.  This follows representations from the US Food and Drug Agency, which did not believe that the efficacy and the associated risks/benefits justified the trials going ahead. Apparently the success rates from the phase 2 trials were not too impressive and there was a high incidence of raised blood pressure.  It is thought that the FDA was amenable to a progression to phase 3 trials on the basis that the drug would be a second line treatment where the existing PDE5 inhibitors, such as Viagra, had not worked.  This appears to be unacceptable to the patent holders at the current time.  If and when we get further news, we will post further information here.  For additional information, please have a look at the Palatin Technologies website.

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