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Can I Buy Prescription Diet Pills Online?

The Online Clinic is happy to prescribe certain weight loss pills depending on the patient’s individual medical circumstances. These medications are all effective prescription medications but they cannot be taken by everyone so it is important that we have an accurate medical history before we can make a diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

As a regulated clinic, we can prescribe diet pills to help you lose weight. We offer a free, no obligation online consultation to check your suitability. Next day delivery in the UK.

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We often get asked which are the best diet pills based on effectiveness and the speed at which they produce results. The short answer is that it is impossible to give a definitive and over-arching answer to this query as the medications work in different ways. Where one diet tablet may work well for one individual, the same treatment may have a limited impact on another patient.

Studies have shown that using prescription diet pills can double the weight loss that you can expect to achieve when compared with diet and exercise alone.

A summary of the effectiveness of each of these drugs, taken from the clinical trials, is set out below. A comparative study of each of the different medications has never been undertaken, to our knowledge. The patients who were administered a placebo in the trials were given the same diet and exercise regime to make the results comparable. By looking at the two sets of results, you can see how effective each medication is when compared with diet and exercise alone.


Over a two year period, two groups of patients were given the same low fat diet. One group was administered Orlistat (the active ingredient in Xenical) and one was administered a placebo. By the end of the first 12 weeks of the study, 37% of the Orlistat patients had lost 5% of their body weight compared with only 19% of patients on the placebo. At the end of one year, 20% of Orlistat patients had lost 10% of their body weight compared with only 8% of patients being administered a placebo.


Appesat is a Certified Medical Device in capsule form that is classified as an appetite suppressant. Although Appesat is not as medicine as it is not absorbed into the blood stream, it has been through a clinical trial to demonstrate its safety and efficacy. 77% of patients using Appesat in the trial said that it helped them to feel fuller for longer and those taking the Appesat capsules lost 9.4 kg over 12 weeks. Appesat is not appropriate for everyone so please click through for a consultation first.

New Diet Pills

There are three new diet pills currently being examined by regulators and others that are still in development. Both Reductil and Acomplia have had to be withdrawn in recent years so regulators are extremely cautious in the area of weight loss medications as they are likely to be taken by very large numbers of people so studies that might be done post-licensing are being requested up front.

Further details of the three diet pills being consider by regulators are given on the slimming pills page of this website.

Prescription diet pills are not appropriate for everyone so please complete a consultation form that will be reviewed by one of our doctors.

Free Online Assessment Quick and Without Obligation

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Free Online Assessment Quick and Without Obligation
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