Sandrena is used by women who are going through the menopause and require relief from menopausal symptoms seriously affecting their quality of life.

Can I buy Sandrena gel online?

The Online Clinic can prescribe Sandrena gel following an online consultation. Sandrena is one of a few topical and systemically absorbed oestrogens that can be prescribed as part of an HRT package. Sandrena can be prescribed in place of Oestrogel if you are experiencing supply issues with your usual HRT product. Please click on the Free Consultation button to proceed.

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What is Sandrena?

Sandrena contains an oestrogen called estradiol, and is a form of hormone replacement therapy (HRT). It is used to replace the deficiency in a woman's natural oestrogen as it steadily reduces in concentration during middle age. During this time of menopause, there is a reduction in oestrogen production from the ovaries, which can lead to symptoms known as hot flushes or hot flashes. These are sudden and temporary waves of hot red skin (flushing), often of face, neck and chest, and body sweats. The gel is absorbed by your skin, travels through blood vessel walls, and enters your blood stream.

What Sandrena isn't is a contraceptive, so you will likely need to use contraception to prevent a pregnancy if you had your last menstrual period within the last 12 months or you are younger than 50 years of age.

How to use Sandrena

Sandrena is a gel used once each day at about the same time. The usual dose is 0.5–1.5 mg of estradiol per day, and it is provided in sachets of 0.5 mg and 1 mg estradiol. Your doctor will tell you how many sachets to use a day. The gel is rubbed onto dry clean skin of the lower body or thighs, alternating between left and right sides of the body (do not use on face, breasts, and irritated skin). Let the gel dry and do not wash the area for one hour or more.

Start Sandrena immediately if you have never had HRT or are switching from an HRT where you don't have periods; otherwise, if switching from an HRT where you have periods, wait until your period stops. You will have to take another hormone medicine, a progesterone, if you have not had uterine hysterectomy (womb removal). Before you stop using Sandrena, speak with your doctor as your symptoms may return.

Contact your doctor if you are going to have surgery as Sandrena may be stopped up to 6 weeks beforehand. Let you doctor know if you use too much gel (wash the gel off the skin immediately to minimise the chance of side effects) or if the gel is swallowed (it should not cause problems). If you miss your usual time of application, apply the gel when you remember but only if you are less than 12 hours late – if more than 12 hours, then miss that dose completely (note that sometimes missed doses cause bleeding between periods).

After starting this medicine, your doctor will want you to have regular check-ups and breast screening. Mention that you are using Sandrena when having a blood test, as the results can be affected.

Who can use Sandrena?

Sandrena is for postmenopausal women.

You must not use Sandrena, if you are or become pregnant, or have or have had: an allergic reaction to estradiol or any other gel ingredient; breast cancer, or a cancer sensitive to oestrogens such as endometrial (womb) cancer or excess thickening of the lining of the womb (endometrial hyperplasia); vaginal bleeding; issues with blood clotting (thrombosis, deep venous thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, blood factor deficiencies), problems caused by blood clots (heart attack, angina, stroke), or porphyria (disorder of haemoglobin in red blood cells); and liver disease and still have abnormal tests of liver function. Stop using the gel and consult a doctor immediately if, while using Sandrena, any one of these disorders develops for the first time.

Before starting Sandrena, talk to your doctor if you have had the following disorders as this medicine may cause them to worsen or reappear: endometrial hyperplasia or abnormal endometrial growth (endometriosis), fibroids in the womb, fluid retention, high blood pressure, high blood triglyceride (fat) concentration, liver disease, gallstones, migraine, diabetes, systemic lupus erythematosus (an immune system disease), epilepsy, asthma, otosclerosis (a disease of the ear), and hereditary angioedema (swelling under skin). Additionally, you may be at increased risk of blood clots or an oestrogen-sensitive cancer.

Also before you start using Sandrena, discuss all your prescription and non-prescription medicines with your doctor, including present, recent past, and possible future medicines and natural remedies. Particularly mention any medicines taken for epilepsy, tuberculosis, and HIV, and include St John's Wort.

Sandrena Side Effects

This medicine should be stopped if you become pregnant, or develop signs of liver problems (yellow skin or whites of eyes), migraine headache (for the first time), very high blood pressure (tiredness, headaches, dizziness) or a blood clot (chest pain, breathing difficulties, swelling in legs).

It is important to note that spotting, breakthrough bleeding, and breast tenderness or enlargement may temporarily occur after starting Sandrena but usually disappear with continued use.

You should also be aware that women using HRT compared with women not using HRT more often report the following: cancer of the breast, womb, and ovaries, endometrial growth, blood clots in veins in legs or lungs, heart disease, stroke, and probable memory loss if started at 65 years of age or older. It is advisable to read the patient leaflet on these issues to get a balanced perspective of the risks involved.

Common side effects include itchy rash, tender painful breasts, swollen lower legs and feet, body weight changes, gastrointestinal disorders (nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain), anxiety, and depression. Sometimes women experience loss of libido, mood swings, sleeplessness, lack of concentration, benign breast or womb tumour, migraine, visual disturbances, high blood pressure, swollen veins, high blood cholesterol level, digestive disturbances, joint problems and /muscle cramps, skin problems, urinary/bladder problems, and tiredness/malaise. Rarely noted side effects include venous thromboembolism, menstrual pain, and abnormalities in liver function and bile flow.

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