Lenzetto is used to treat symptoms of the menopause in post-menopausal women who have not had periods for at least 6 months or have had their ovaries removed.

Can I buy Lenzetto spray online?

The Online Clinic can prescribe Lenzetto spray following an online consultation. Lenzetto is one of a few topical and systemically absorbed oestrogens that can be prescribed as part of an HRT package. Lenzetto spray can be prescribed in place of Oestrogel if you are experiencing supply issues with your usual HRT product. Please click on the Free Consultation button to proceed.

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What is Lenzetto?

Lenzetto contains the active compound called estradiol, which is a hormone that occurs naturally in the body. The spray passes from the skin into the blood.

During the menopause, women may have symptoms known collectively as hot flushes (or flashes) as they cause the skin, usually of the face, neck, and chest, to suddenly but temporarily become red and hot, and body sweating. Such symptoms occur as the natural oestrogens in the body rapidly decline during this time. It is when such symptoms seriously interfere with daily life that Lenzetto is prescribed. Additional to hot flushes, sleeping problems, irritable moods, and vaginal dryness may occur.

Lenzetto is a hormone replacement therapy - it is not a contraceptive. Protection to prevent pregnancy may be required if you have had periods within the last year or you are less than 50 years old.

How to use Lenzetto

Lenzetto is a spray that is used once at the same time every day. Your doctor will tell you the number of sprays to apply a day; this can be from 1 to 3 each day. Lenzetto is used only as long as you need it, so regularly (every 3–6 months) see you doctor for a check-up and advice. If surgery is needed, tell the surgeon about this medicine; Lenzetto may be stopped for 4–6 weeks before your operation to lower your risk of blood clots. If you still have a womb (i.e., you have not had hysterectomy), you will to also be required to take a medicine containing the hormone progesterone, which can cause bleeding.

The spray is applied to clean dry undamaged skin of the inside forearm or, if that is difficult, the inside thigh. Avoid all areas on and around the breasts, and wash off immediately if you get it on your hands. Full details on how to apply the spray are detailed in the patient leaflet. In brief, on first use, the spray pump is primed for use by delivering three sprays with the cover on. To apply a daily dose, remove the cover and, with the container in an upright position, place the cone flat against your arm skin, ensuring there are no gaps between cone and skin. Then, press the button completely down once. If a second spray is required, move the cone to another area of arm (next to the first area) and depress the button again. If a third spray is required, repeat this action again on a third area of arm (next to the second area). If there is no full arm space left for correct positioning, then use the other inside arm or inside thigh. Replace the applicator cover after use.

Allow the spray to dry for 2 or more minutes before dressing, and leave for over an hour before bathing or allowing other people or animals to touch the area of application. It is recommended that people and animals do not touch the site of application, but if they do, their skin should be washed at the point of contact. Absorption of Lenzetto may be altered by sunscreen, so either avoid sunscreen use on the sprayed skin area or apply sunscreen at least an hour before using the spray. Also, cautious use of the medicine is advised in extreme temperatures (e.g., sunbathing, saunas).

Seek medical advice if you spray too much Lenzetto or if a child accidently uses it. Should you forget to use the spray, then spray at the time of remembering and spray at your next usual time; however, if it is nearly the time of your next dose, then miss that dose and wait until the time of the next dose (administer your normal dose not more). The spray applicator will need to be primed again (one spray only) if you miss one or more doses.

Who can use Lenzetto?

Post-menopausal women only can take Lenzetto. It should not be taken during pregnancy or breastfeeding. There is little information about treatment of women 65 years-of-age or older, or women who have premature menopause.

Lenzetto must not be used by people with: an allergy to estradiol or other ingredient of the spray; breast cancer; an oestrogen-sensitive cancer such as endometrial cancer (womb cancer) or endometrial hyperplasia (excess thickening of the womb lining); vaginal bleeding; blood clotting complications (such as thrombosis, deep venous thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, and deficiencies in blood factors); blood clot complications (such as heart attack, angina, and stroke), or porphyria (affects haemoglobin in red blood cells); and liver disease and still have abnormal liver function tests. Stop using the spray and contact your doctor immediately if you notice the appearance of one of these conditions for the first time.

Before starting Lenzetto, inform your doctor if at any time you have had the following conditions as the spray can cause their worsening or reappearance: endometrial hyperplasia or endometriosis (womb lining growth outside the womb), fibroids inside the womb, liver disease, gallstones, high blood pressure, high blood fat (triglyceride) level, fluid retention, diabetes, epilepsy, migraine, asthma, hereditary angioedema (swelling under skin), systemic lupus erythematosus (an immune system disease), and otosclerosis (a disease of the ear). You may also be at increased risk of having blood clots or an oestrogen-sensitive cancer.

Your doctor will want to know about all your medicines, including prescription and non-prescription medicine that you are taking, recently taken, or possibly might take, before you begin using Lenzetto. Of particular interest are medicines used to treat epilepsy, tuberculosis, HIV and hepatitis C virus, as well as the herbal remedy St John's Wort.

Lenzetto side effects

Stop using the spray if you become pregnant, or notice signs that may indicate liver disease (yellowy eye whites or skin), extremely high blood pressure (dizziness, headaches, fatigue), migraine, angioedema (several of the following: swelling of face, tongue, throat; problems swallowing; problems breathing), or blood clots (painful swollen legs, chest pain, breathing problems).

When compared with women not using HRT, women using HRT more frequently report the following: breast cancer, endometrial cancer or hyperplasia, ovarian cancer, blood clots in veins of the legs or lungs, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, liver problems, gall bladder disease, high blood sugar, and probable memory loss if starting HRT when over 65 years of age. The patient leaflet presents the current information about these conditions and your risk.

Signs and symptoms that can be serious and require immediate medical attention include: chest pain that is sudden or spreads to the arm or neck; painful swelling and redness in the legs; changes in breast appearance (e.g., skin dimpling, nipple changes, lumps); unexpected vaginal bleeding or spotting after long periods of use or stopping treatment; painful menstrual periods; breathing difficulties; faintness/dizziness; yellowy eye whites and facial skin; speech or visual disturbances; and unexplained migraine headaches.

Up to 1 in 10 women taking Lenzetto report headache, nausea and abdominal pain, unexpected bleeding (vaginal and/or uterine) or spotting, tender or painful breasts, body weight changes, skin itching and rash. Sometimes women report hypersensitivity reactions, depressed mood, insomnia, dizziness, increased blood pressure, palpitations, visual disturbances, breast discolouration or discharge, uterine or cervical polyps (growths), ovarian cysts, endometrial hyperplasia, inflamed genitals (vaginitis), indigestion, diarrhoea, oedema (swelling from fluid retention), raised blood liver enzymes and cholesterol levels, skin nodules and hives, and muscle pain. Rarely women experience anxiety, migraine, change in sex drive, premenstrual-like syndrome, painful menstruation, breast enlargement, increased body hair, acne, vomiting, bloating, muscle cramps, and tiredness. Brown skin patches, skin discoloration, and hair loss have also been noted.

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    This HRT works for me brill You have to spray on the inside of your arm. It dries within minutes then you can get on with the busy day. Perfect
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