Good afternoon,

I am currently in Norway. I will be here for a month and I have ordered the contraceptive pill called Yaz as I have previously done when I was living in London. 

The delivery company UPS is helding my packagage in Oslo and I have read that they might need some documentation or infomation to allow me to get my contraceptive pills. As far as I know TheOnlineClinic issues a prescription to the Pharmacy but, is there any way I can give that prescription to UPS so that they can see the delivery is legal? 


Thank you for your time.

Administrator 10 Jul 2014

There will not be a problem getting your prescription into Norway so long as it is not for longer than 3 months. If you have any problems getting your medication, please get in touch with our customer services team directly as you will get a much faster response than through the forum. Most e-mails are answered within 10 minutes and we have a 24 hour help line.

flyman 18 Nov 2013

I travel a lot and always struggle with jet lag. How would melatonin help and how many times is it safe to take this? Can you get addicted to it?

Administrator 27 Nov 2013

We only prescribe short courses of melatonin for jet lag. You will not become addicted.


I've seen you got several pills you sell as anti-malarials.

I was just wondering if anybody has tried any and which one you recommend the most?

Does it depend on where you are going? I am planning on going to Malawi in a month. Cheers.

Administrator 11 Feb 2014

You need to complete a consultation and we can advise appropriately. For Malawi, we would normally recommend Malarone or Doxycycline.

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I have been a patient at The Online Clinic for other matters previously but looking on the website I found out you have medication that can delay my menstrual period. I didn't know of the existence of it to be honest! It might be handy for me as I have to go on my honeymoon and hadn't calculated I will be on my period.  I have never taken the contraceptive pill before and I have regular (sometimes quite painful) periods. Is  Norethisterone going to be safe for me? If I delay my period once, how long do I have to wait to delay it again? This is because I want to delay it for my honeymoon but I might need to delay it again in a couple of months. Finally, when the period eventually comes after I stop taking the medication, will it be a normal flow or will it be more painful? Thanks!

Administrator 13 Aug 2013

You need to complete a consultation. We cannot give medical advice on the forum.

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