Travelling to Norway - Contraceptive pills

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Good afternoon,

I am currently in Norway. I will be here for a month and I have ordered the contraceptive pill called Yaz as I have previously done when I was living in London. 

The delivery company UPS is helding my packagage in Oslo and I have read that they might need some documentation or infomation to allow me to get my contraceptive pills. As far as I know TheOnlineClinic issues a prescription to the Pharmacy but, is there any way I can give that prescription to UPS so that they can see the delivery is legal? 


Thank you for your time.

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There will not be a problem getting your prescription into Norway so long as it is not for longer than 3 months. If you have any problems getting your medication, please get in touch with our customer services team directly as you will get a much faster response than through the forum. Most e-mails are answered within 10 minutes and we have a 24 hour help line.

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