Honeymoon and delaying period

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I have been a patient at The Online Clinic for other matters previously but looking on the website I found out you have medication that can delay my menstrual period. I didn't know of the existence of it to be honest! It might be handy for me as I have to go on my honeymoon and hadn't calculated I will be on my period.  I have never taken the contraceptive pill before and I have regular (sometimes quite painful) periods. Is  Norethisterone going to be safe for me? If I delay my period once, how long do I have to wait to delay it again? This is because I want to delay it for my honeymoon but I might need to delay it again in a couple of months. Finally, when the period eventually comes after I stop taking the medication, will it be a normal flow or will it be more painful? Thanks!

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We would need to see your medical record before we would be in a position to give specific advice but norethisterone may be appropriate for you. We recommend not delaying your period for longer than 17 days. Most patients will have a normal period at their regular time of the month after their bleed a few days after stopping norethisterone. There would not be a problem taking this medication again after a few months so this should not be a concern. If you are a patient and we believe that you are over-using the medication then we will stop prescribing it.

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I also have a similar problem as I'm going to my best friend's wedding and I am the bridesmaid. I really don't want to have my period on that day although according to my calendar I will. When should I take norethisterone?

I've been on the pill before but now I'm off it because it was giving me annoying side effects such as bloating and nausea.

Can I take norethisterone?


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You need to complete a consultation. We cannot give medical advice on the forum.

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