Lisa.S 24 Jun 2015

Hi, I get cystitis regularly and will be travelling next week. The next available appoitment at my GP is in 2 weeks! Would I be able to get the meds from here INCASE I get a reinfection while I am away?

edshyrest 23 Jan 2024
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I was treated for cystitis a few months ago but I've felt the symptoms again since yesterday. Is it possible that it came back? I've been really careful and cleaned the area with proper soaps every day...why did it come back and how do I stop it coming back? Did the antibiotics not have any effect?


Administrator 11 Feb 2014

Recurring cystitis is not unusual. When wiping your bottom, please remember to wipe away from the urethra and vagina. If you continue to experience problems then we can organise a urine chemistry to ascertain what may be causing the problem. If any organisms are found in the urine then we can perform an antibiotic sensitivity test to work out exactly what needs to be prescribed.

Hello, I am a 43 year old gay man.

I've had the same sexual partner for about 15 years now but I have suddenly developed what looks like cystitis. I'm a bit worried as I've tried to cure it at home with medication (ibuprofen) and loads of water for 4 days now but it is still very painful to pass urin and I do not know what to do. Has anyone had the same or a similar problem? Should I be prescribed something stronger at this point? It is disrupting my everyday life and I've recently been under stress but can this be really the cause of it?


Administrator 23 Apr 2013

We recommend that you get a sexaul health check. If there is a bacterial infection then ibuprofen is not going to do the trick. Go to www.theSTIclinic.com for a postal sexaul health check. They can do a urine chemistry as well as a general sexual health check. If there is something in your urine that should not be there then it will be d

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