Should I be worried?

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Hello, I am a 43 year old gay man.

I've had the same sexual partner for about 15 years now but I have suddenly developed what looks like cystitis. I'm a bit worried as I've tried to cure it at home with medication (ibuprofen) and loads of water for 4 days now but it is still very painful to pass urin and I do not know what to do. Has anyone had the same or a similar problem? Should I be prescribed something stronger at this point? It is disrupting my everyday life and I've recently been under stress but can this be really the cause of it?


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We recommend that you get a sexaul health check. If there is a bacterial infection then ibuprofen is not going to do the trick. Go to for a postal sexaul health check. They can do a urine chemistry as well as a general sexual health check. If there is something in your urine that should not be there then it will be detected and antibiotics can be prescribed.

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