What is Histalean?

Histalean is a slimming tablet that is currently undergoing clinical trials. The research company behind Histalean believes that its early clinical trials demonstrate that it could be an effective weight management medication and that it is particularly effective when taken by women under 50 years of age.

Histalean is based on a common medication used in patients suffering from vertigo, Betahensine. The Israeli scientists developing the medication published results from a clinical trial in 2007 suggesting that Histalean could help women lose 7 times more weight than those not taking any weight loss medication over a 12 week long period. Women taking part in the trial reported that they were not "thinking about food" and felt "content" during the trial period.

How does Histalean work?

Betahensine, the active ingredient in the medication, is thought to block chemical receptors in the brain, the H1 and H3 receptors, that tell our body we are feeling full or prompt us to want to eat fatty foods. This means that the diet pill encourages the body to feel fuller and experience fewer cravings.

Researchers from the Sackler School of Medicine at Tel Aviv University performed a double-blind clinical study using placebo controls (meaning that one group received the medication and one group were given harmless, ineffective substitute pills) on a group of volunteers with Body Mass Indexes between 30 and 40, making them all clinically obese. At test sites across the U.S the 281 volunteers were given medication over a 12 week period. As well as losing 7 times the weight of those taking the placebo, a sub-group taking a higher-dose version lost 2.91% of their total body weight compared to a 0.4% loss amongst the placebo group.

Is Histalean safe?

Clinical trials are performed to make sure that any new medication is safe for people to take and does not cause dangerous side effects. The results so far suggest that Histalean is very safe, with none of the 281 volunteers experiencing any substantial side effects. Betahensine has already been on the market for 30 years and has a very good safety profile. However further dose related tests are being done to ensure that it is totally safe for people to take.

Can I buy Histalean?

Histalean is not available to purchase or prescribe at the moment. Until clinical trials are completed and it has been approved by the European Medicines Agency, Histalean will not be available to prescribe. We are currently awaiting the results of the Phase IIb clinical trials and these should be available very soon. Once the results are known, we will have a better idea as to if and when this medication is likely to be approved by regulators.

Until Histalean is approved for use by the regulators, we can prescribe Xenical or Reductil for weight loss patients. It is essential that you complete a weight loss consultation before any medication can be prescribed. All consultations are free and without obligation. Please click on the Free Consultation icon below to begin your consultation.

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