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Can I get Warticon Online?

The Online Clinic can prescribe Warticon for patients who have genital warts. So long as you are sure that you have genital warts then we can prescribe this treatment for you following a short online consultation questionnaire being completed. Click on our free consultation button to begin.

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What is Warticon?

Warticon is a cream preparation containing podophyllotoxin that is put directly on the genital warts. Once absorbed by the wart, this medicine prevents the wart cells from increasing in number and the wart from growing. Subsequently, the warts disappear and, as they do so, healthy cells take their place and the skin returns to normal.

How to use Warticon

Before using Warticon, the area of skin affected by the warts should firstly be washed with soap and water, and dried. The medicine is then applied to the wart only, taking care not to put it on the surrounding healthy tissue. The cream is applied twice daily (morning and night) for three days. If the warts have not disappeared, the three-day course of Warticon can be repeated weekly for up to three more weeks. You should wash your hands thoroughly after using Warticon.

Who can use Warticon?

Not all people should use Warticon and our doctor will advise you. Warticon should not be used on open or bleeding wounds or on the delicate internal tissues. It is usually not recommended for use by women who are pregnant or breast feeding because it may be unsafe for the baby, or by women who are likely to become pregnant during treatment. Indeed, it is advisable that you do not have sexual intercourse when using this medicine and until the warts are gone but if you do, then a condom should be worn. Children should not use this medicine. Warticon is also unsuitable for people who are allergic to its main ingredient, podophyllotoxin, or its other constituents.

Warticon Side Effects

The most common side effect with Warticon occurs at the site of application. This is skin irritation, which includes redness, itching and soreness. These reactions are usually mild and take place on day two or day three of treatment. These side effects are more likely to happen if you use more medicine than that advised in the instructions. If you experience a severe reaction, then wash the treated area with soap and water immediately and ask us for advice.

You can read more about Warticon Cream side effects on this website.

Free Consultation for Genital Warts

A free consultation is available online if you suspect that you have genital warts. Simply click on the Free Consultation button below to complete a brief online questionnaire. This will be reviewed by a doctor who will be able to advise the best treatment for you. If you are not sure that your lesions are warts then please let us know and we can request a photo upload in the secure area and one of our medical team will attempt to make a diagnosis from the photograph.

Free Online Assessment Quick and Without Obligation
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