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Verruca Treatment


What is a Verruca?

Verrucae are caused by a virus called the human papilloma virus (HPV). There are many different types of HPV. Verrucas are also known as plantar warts and are only on the soles of the feet. A verruca is basically a wart that has been forced to grow inwards because of the pressure applied to the soles of the feet when standing.

Verruca Treatment

There are various over the counter remedies that can be bought for the treatment of verrucas. The Online Clinic can offer a prescription strength cream to remove verrucas. We just need to check that this is appropriate for you before we prescribe it. To access this treatment, please click on the consultation button below.

Aldara Prescription Cream

The medicated cream that we prescribe for the removal of verrucas is called Aldara (imiquimod). Aldara is normally used to treat genital warts but we can prescribe it off-label as it is effective in removing the verrucas. Aldara works by stimulating the immune response in a localised area at the site of application. When you apply Aldara cream to the verruca, you help your body to recognise that there is a virus present that needs to be dealt with.

How is Aldara Used?

All of the instructions will come with the cream but it needs to be applied 3 times a week. You leave it on overnight for 8 hours and then wash it off. It can help if you file the verruca gently with an emery board between treatments. It may take several weeks to completely remove the verrucae. Most of our patients see results in 8 weeks but it is sometimes necessary to continue with the treatment for 16 weeks.

Verruca Information

Verrucas are caused by HPV, as outlined above. A large percentage of the population will get a verruca at some point in their lives. The virus that causes the verruca can be picked up from the floor – skin to skin contact is not necessary for transmission. Floors of gyms, swimming pool changing rooms and showers are common places where infections are acquired.

The virus can survive without a host for many months, so this makes it very contagious and the plantar wart may not appear for a while after the virus is acquired. The verruca can be very painful and they can spread to adjacent areas of skin, causing small clusters of verrucae called mosaic warts.

Verrucas will sometimes disappear naturally but this can take years. You can get a prescription verruca removal cream by clicking on the button below.

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