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Ureaplasma Treatment

Ureaplasma Antibiotics Online

Ureaplasma does not usually require treatment. Ureaplasma species are thought to be commensal bacteria, meaning they can live naturally in the host (human body) without causing any harm. The latest guidance from the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV (BASHH) is that antibiotics should not be prescribed for patients with a positive test result for Ureaplasma. The Online Clinic therefore no longer prescribes antibiotics for this organism.

What is Ureaplasma?

Ureaplasma is the smallest bacterium known to mankind. There are two species of Ureaplasma (Urealyticum and Parvum). Ureaplasma Urealyticum has been implicated in very small percentage of urethral tract infections. There is no evidence to support routine screening for this organism and treatment should be limited to cases where all other causative organisms have been excluded and the patient is symptomatic. Given the possibility of Ureaplasma being a “bystander” in symptomatic patients, The Online Clinic no longer prescribes treatment for this organism. If a patient is symptomatic and all other potential causative organisms have been excluded, then the patient needs to be seen at a GUM clinic.

What are the symptoms of Ureaplasma?

Many people with Ureaplasma are often asymptomatic (i.e. they do not have symptoms) but some go on to develop symptoms later. When symptoms are present they can include: pain while passing urine; pelvic pain; urethral discharge in men; and vaginal discharge in women. Ureaplasma bacteria have been implicated in pre-term births but further research is required to determine whether the presence of Ureaplasma in the amniotic fluid was the cause, a factor or a red herring.

What are the treatments for Ureaplasma?

BASHH does not advise treatment for Ureaplasma. The Online Clinic therefore does not recommend treatment.

How do I get tested for Ureaplasma?


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