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Same Day Private Prescriptions

The Online Clinic same day prescription service is available for medications that the doctor considers to be clinically urgent. This will include medications to treat bacterial and viral infections when prompt commencement of treatment is required. Other categories of medication may also be included if the doctor feels it is appropriate. Where the same day service is not available, we are able to offer next day delivery by overnight courier.

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How the service works

To get started, you need to have an online consultation with one of our doctors. You select the appropriate consultation pathway and answer the questions that are displayed. You will then be directed into a consultation with a UK registered private GP who will assess your case. Most consultations are free of charge, so if you decide not to proceed, there is nothing to pay.

If the doctor approves you for a same day prescription, you select the item made available on your patient dashboard, and then select a pharmacy that is convenient for you to attend. The Online Clinic can work with almost any pharmacy in the UK so there should be one convenient for your location.

After you pay the £29.95 fee, a doctor will issue the prescription and it will be available for the pharmacist to dispense immediately.

We can transmit prescriptions to pharmacies using 4 different methods, so it is important that you check your emails for details of what to say to the pharmacist when you attend. You will need to provide specific information for the pharmacist to be able to locate your prescription. So long as you follow the clear instructions, you will not experience any difficulties collecting your prescription. Please note that you will be required to pay the pharmacy for dispensing the prescription. All pharmacies set their own private prescription dispensing fees.

This service is available up to 21:00 on weekdays, 18:00 on Saturdays and 17:00 on Sundays. The Online Clinic is open on public holidays.

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