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Rhinolast Nasal Spray

Rhinolast Nasal Spray can be prescribed as a treatment for allergic rhinitis.

Can I buy Rhinolast Nasal Spray online?

The Online Clinic can prescribe this medication online following an online consultation with a doctor. Please click on the free consultation button to get started.

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What is Rhinolast Nasal Spray?

Rhinolast can be used to treat symptoms of the allergy known as allergic rhinitis, which is a hypersensitivity reaction triggered by inhaling something that you are allergic to. This allergy can occur in certain months of the year or in all 12 months. For example, allergic rhinitis may be caused by grass pollens that are prevalent from June to August, or caused by house dust mites and pet dander that are always present. Symptoms usually include a runny nose, itchy nose, blocked nose, or sneezing.

Rhinolast is a nasal spray containing an active ingredient called azelastine hydrochloride. Azelastine hydrochloride is a long-lasting anti-allergic compound that blocks the release of natural chemicals in the body involved in the allergic reaction and producing the symptoms. One of the chemicals is histamine, which causes blood vessels in the skin to enlarge and increase the blood flow to the skin; the skin becomes red, swollen, and itchy, and the lining of the nose to produces excess mucus. Rhinolast stops this happening.

Rhinolast is a clear solution for spraying provided in a polythene or glass bottle. The spray is azelastine hydrochloride 0.1% w/v, which provides a dose of 140 micrograms per squirt.

How to use Rhinolast Nasal Spray

This medicine is sprayed up the nostrils. A typical dose of Rhinolast is one squirt of spray into each nostril, in both the morning and evening. However, your doctor will tell you the dose you must use.

When using Rhinolast, make sure that you blow your nose beforehand. Pull off the protective cap. Holding the nozzle between two fingers with your thumb under the bottle, press the pump down a few times until the spray is consistently even. Then, placing the tip of the nozzle into a nostril, spray once; repeat with the other nostril. Don't tilt your head back when spraying. Wipe the nozzle and put on the protective cap.

Spraying too much into your nose does generally not cause problems. Your eyes should be bathed with plenty of water if the spray gets in your eyes (they may sting). If you or someone else drinks the spary, seek emergency help immediately. If you miss your dose, then use the spray when you remember, and then at the usual time (never double the dose).

Once the bottle of Rhinolast Nasal Spray is opened, the contents must not be used after six months. Dispose of any remaining spray responsibly, by taking it to a pharmacy.

Who can use Rhinolast Nasal Spray?

Adults and children who are 6 years of age and older can use Rhinolast. Both adults, and adults responsible for children, needing to use Rhinolast should discuss its use with their doctor before starting treatment. This is particularly important if you are pregnant or breast-feeding, may be pregnant, or planning pregnancy.

Rhinolast must not be used if you have an allergy to the product's active ingredient azelastine hydrochloride or to its other ingredients. You must let your doctor know of the medicines that you take, have recently taken, or might take.

Rhinolast Nasal Spray Side Effects

Hypersensitivity reactions can occur very rarely with Rhinolast, which involve skin rash, intense itching and hives. Seek medical attention immediately if you experience these symptoms.

Frequently, people experience an unpleasant taste in the mouth, particularly if the head is tilted back when using the spray, which may cause nausea. Sometimes, there is nasal irritation with stinging and itching, sneezing, and nose bleeds.

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