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Nystatin Oral Suspension

Nystatin Oral Suspension is used to prevent or to treat oral and intestinal thrush (candidiasis) or to prevent oral thrush in a baby whose mother had vaginal thrush at the time of birth.

Can I get Nystatin prescribed?

The Online Clinic can prescribe Nystatin Oral Suspension for the treatment of oral thrush. Simply complete a quick online consultation form and we can get this sent to you for next day delivery.

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What is Nystatin Oral Suspension?

Nystatin is an anti-fungal treatment. Nystatin Oral Suspension can be used to prevent and to treat candida infections (also known as thrush) occurring in the mouth, the throat and/or the intestines (gut). It can also be used to protect a baby from getting oral thrush if their mother had vaginal thrush when they gave birth.

Thrush or candidiasis is an infection caused by the yeast (a fungus) candida. Candida naturally occurs in the mouth but growth is limited by the body's immune (defence) system and by other micro-organisms. However, growth may become uncontrolled under certain conditions (such as stress, illness or use of some medicines) allowing the yeast to grow, leading to thrush. Nystatin works by binding to yeast cell membranes, causing holes in the cell membrane. The cells become leaky, release their contents, and subsequently die.

How to use Nystatin Oral Suspension

Nystatin Oral Suspension is a fluid preparation. The following are the usual dose regimens, but your doctor will confirm how much and how often you have to use the medicine. For the greatest effect, the suspension should be kept in the mouth, particularly over any infected area(s), for as much time as possible before swallowing. In cases of oral thrush, 1 ml of suspension is placed into the mouth using the dropper. For intestinal candidiasis, 1 ml (children) or 5 ml (adults) is placed into the mouth using the dropper. Nystatin Oral Suspension is taken four times each day, with similar time intervals between doses. As a preventative treatment in new-born babies, 1 ml is usually given once daily. To ensure the infection has resolved, you should continue to take the medicine for 48 hours after the symptoms of infection have disappeared to prevent them coming back. If symptoms return after you have finished your course of medicine, then tell your doctor.

Taking too much of the suspension should not cause severe problems (possibly nausea and stomach upset) but it is advisable to notify medical staff if the patient is a child. If forgetting a dose, then take it when you remember or, if it is close to the time of the next dose, disregard it, and take the next dose as normally prescribed.

Who can use Nystatin Oral Suspension?

Nystatin Oral Suspension can be used by people of all ages, from new-born babies to the elderly. It cannot be used by people who are hypersensitive to nystatin or the other constituents of the liquid. You should not take this medicine if your body has problems with or intolerance to sugar (including diabetes); you have to control the amount of sodium in your diet; or if you wish to take it for systemic mycoses (that is when the infection spreads via the blood and affects more than one body organ). If you are planning pregnancy, are pregnant, or breastfeeding then take advice before using Nystatin Oral Suspension because the effects on your baby are unknown.

Nystatin Oral Suspension side effects

Stop this medicine if you suspect irritation or sensitisation to it. Sometimes, the treatment makes people feel sick. If you take a lot, gut problems such as vomiting and diarrhoea may occur. Rash with itching, and swelling of the face lips and/or tongue (hypersensitivity) have been reported. Very rarely the serious allergic reaction called Steven-Johnson Syndrome (swelling, pain and blistering of eyes, nose, mouth, and genitals) occurs.

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