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Nipatra was used for the treatment of men with erectile dysfunction (also referred to as impotence), which is when a man is unable to have or cannot maintain an erection hard enough for satisfying sexual performance. The product was discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available to prescribe.

Can I get Nipatra Online?

The Online Clinic is now unable to prescribe Nipatra as it has been discontinued by the manufacturer. We can however consider you for alternative treatments. Please complete our short medical questionnaire to gain approval to purchase a treatment online.

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What is Nipatra?

Nipatra is the name given to a chewable preparation of sildenafil. Sildenafil is classified as a phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitor. Sildenafil is the active ingredient in Viagra. It works by adjusting the body systems that enable an erection when sexually stimulated. Usually during sexual stimulation, a natural body chemical called nitric oxide acts on the blood vessels in the penis causing them to relax and widen. More blood can then enter the penis, making it larger for the purposes of sexual activity. Nipatra acts by increasing the level of nitric oxide that, in turn, relaxes the penis' blood vessels, and causes an erection.

How to use Nipatra

Chew the whole tablet one hour before you propose to have sex. Nipatra usually takes between half and one hour to work but may take longer if taken after eating a heavy meal or drinking excessive alcohol. The starting dose is usually 50 mg. However, if you consider the effect to be too strong or too weak, see your doctor who can adjust the dose to 25 mg or 100 mg accordingly. Do not take a larger dose of Nipatra than your doctor has recommended and only take it once a day.

Who can use Nipatra?

Nipatra is for use by men with erectile dysfunction. It should not be taken by women or individuals under 18 years of age. Nipatra will work only if you are sexually aroused.

Tell your doctor about all the medicines that you are currently taking, have recently taken or might take. Nipatra must not be taken with medicines referred to as nitrates, which are used to alleviate chest pain (angina), or medicines containing nitrites (e.g. ‘poppers’ used socially). Nipatra, nitrates, and nitrites all affect blood pressure and so used together can cause blood pressure to fall dangerously low. Use of protease inhibitors (that treat HIV) and alpha blockers (that treat high blood pressure and prostate enlargement) may mean that you need to start on a low dose (25 mg) of Nipatra.

Nipatra should not be taken by individuals who are allergic to sildenafil or to any of the other ingredients in the tablet (such as lactose and aspartame). You should also not take Nipatra if you have low blood pressure, a severe problem with your heart or liver, or have recently suffered a heart attack or stroke. Let your doctor know about any problems with your heart. Likewise, Nipatra is not recommended for people with some genetic eye diseases (such as retinitis pigmentosa) or loss of vision due to an eye problem known as non-arteritic anterior ischaemic optic neuropathy (NAION). Your doctor will also want to know if you have an injury or deformity of your penis or Peyronie's disease, a stomach ulcer, problem with your blood (such as haemophilia or sickle cell disease) or certain cancers (leukaemia, multiple myeloma).

Nipatra side effects

The most commonly reported side effect with Nipatra is headache. Other commonly experienced side effects include flushed face, indigestion, visual problems (e.g. colour tinge, sensitivity to light and blurred vision), congested nose and feeling dizzy. Some men may have prolonged and painful erections that, if persist for more than four hours, warrant immediate medical attention.

Let your doctor know about any chest pains during or after sexual intercourse or any problems that develop with your heart (particularly if you have previously had heart problems) or eye problems (such as sudden loss of vision).

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